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A testimony is like a tribute and we don’t take that lightly! Thank you for trusting your most precious gifts with us. It is our goal and our passion to care for your children as if they were our own!

– Summerfield Academy Staff

“BOTTOM LINE: If you want your child to flourish, develop excellent social and academic skills at ANY age, this is the BEST place to start.”

BOTTOM LINE: If you want your child to flourish, develop excellent social and academic skills at ANY age, this is the BEST place to start.
We transferred my two year old daughter from a previous day care that she HATED and was clearly not developing the right social or academic skills. Within six months, her attitude about going to “school” changed from a NO WAY Tantrum state to a healthy initial resistance, but acceptance. Her ability to count has improved and is now excellent, her ability to recognize number, letters, colors, shapes, textures, and overall vocabulary have improved tremendously. Her social skill truly began to develop only after she started attending Summerfield Academy. Her abilities to interact with other children her age is now “lady like” and she has developed very good manners and is very loving to her teachers.

– Hugo D.–

“I toured a lot of schools before deciding. I can say this school is awesome. You won’t ever think twice!”

We love this school. My son has been here for over a year and loves it. The teachers are friendly and the school is beautifully well kept. It’s a nice atmosphere here!  I know all the teachers really well. Very little turnover which is great. I toured a lot of schools before deciding. I can say this school is awesome. You won’t ever think twice!

– Jessica C.–

“Our toddler’s social development skyrocketed after we enrolled him in Summerfield.”

My family loves this daycare/academy.

Our toddler’s social development skyrocketed after we enrolled him in Summerfield.  The communication from the teachers has been amazing, the projects he brings home every week are adorable, but most importantly, it doesn’t feel like I dropped him off with some strangers.  It’s obvious that the staff there see this as more than just a job.  Anytime I need anything, they are on top of it, and they seem to remember every detail of our child’s needs; whatever they might be.

The fun activities that our child gets to experience at Summerfield consistently blow me away.  Petting zoos, clowns, the Fun Bus, all keep our son entertained and active.

The new renovations are very impressive as well.

I’ve seen what happens when you send your child to a discount daycare, and I don’t think twice about why my child attends Summerfield.

– Billy Y.–

“We LOVE Summerfield Academy!”

We LOVE Summerfield Academy!! Our girls started when they were 2 years old.  One has “graduated” and is in 2nd grade, while the other is in Ms. Christine’s class.  They girls LOVE going to school at Summerfield.  The teachers are so loving and caring, as well as such wonderful educators.  I am a teacher at a nearby school.  The Kindergarten teachers have said many times “we know who has come from Summerfield.  They really know what they are doing.”  My daughter is soooo smart, thanks to all of the help from these teachers.  My oldest daughter likes to participate in the summer program.  There are fun field trips and events that the kids love!!! We HIGHLY recommend Summerfield and all that it has to offer.

– Shelley S.–

“Summerfield Academy is more than a daycare or preschool.”

Summerfield Academy is more than a daycare or preschool. The philosophies adopted by this long-standing don’t simply boil down to babysitting and early education. This wonderful place and the carefully chosen employees, who feel like extended family or friends, help develop manners, appreciate little budding character traits, logically discipline with positive consequences, and truly care for their “friends.”  I haven’t even touched on their amazing approach to pre-elementary education and their encouragement of early literacy development. Summerfield’s program description best says it all: “our approach is individualized to meet each child’s needs and interests. Each classroom is organized with centers for creative art, literature, science and math, dramatic play, and cognitive and small motor development. The environment is planned to stimulate imagination and creativity, socialization, and exploration and discovery.” Enrolling my son in Summerfield Academy is the very best decision I could have made for the development of his whole character and education. This place is truly a godsend!

– Lori D.–

“I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great school for their kids!”

Our three year old daughter is thriving at Summerfield. She continually comes home with new knowledge. Their curriculum is literature based. Recently her class did a unit based around the Three Little Pigs. She retells the stories daily and is able to explain why the wolf was able to blow down two of the houses and not the third. As a parent, knowing that your children are happy and learning makes dropping them off a day care so much easier. She is also able to participate in dance classes and fun bus within her regular school schedule.

Our son is currently in the brand new infant room. We were amazed by the attention to detail that was put into creating the new wing of the building. Our son’s room includes a safe playing area, a group table for meals, rocking chairs, and personalized cribs for each child. Our child’s picture is posted around the room, including on his own little “locker” were we can store spare clothing and other basics. The staff in the infant room bonded with him from day one and made transitioning from staying home to going back to work much easier. They take the time in the morning to check in with sleeping, food, and diaper changes. The afternoon staff takes the time to share little moments from our son’s day and often have pictures of him participating in a variety of activities. He is able to participate in Gymboree and music classes.

Each of the directors and teachers make extra effort to make Summerfield Academy a warm, welcoming, clean, and safe place for kids to go to. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great school for their kids!

– Julie A.–

“I toured several facilities and nothing compared.”

We have been attending Summerfield for about 7 months and absolutely love it! The staff and directors are so attentive to our needs and concerns. I know more than anything that they love my child like their own. The new infant and toddler classrooms are extremely nice. I toured several facilities and nothing compared. I love the open concept of the building. I also love how friendly all the teachers are and that they all make sure to speak to me each and every day! We only have one child but we will certainly send out future children to Summerfield as well, love this place and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

– Kelsey B.–

“We feel like our children are not only being educated and taken care of but they are being loved.”

We have a 5 year old and a 3 year old that have each attended Summerfield Academy since they were 2!  They absolutely love going to their school.  They love their teachers, they love their lessons and their playtime.  These teachers are absolutely amazing.  They spend so much time with our children so it is extremely important for the teachers to be top notch and Summerfield has some of the best!  The teachers truly care about their students and they spend time with each one and make sure to keep us parents updated on important and even the small things.  We feel like our children are not only being educated and taken care of but they are being loved.

– Jonathan F.–

“My daughters social and motor skills have improved drastically since we enrolled her in Summerfield academy.”

My daughters social and motor skills have improved drastically since we enrolled her in Summerfield academy. The staff works so well with the kids and I feel they’ve done a great job incorporating new tasks on a daily basis. The staff are also very inviting and one can tell they take this role as more than just a job. Staff are on top of everything and they do a great job attending to each individuals needs. My wife and I have been very satisfied with Summerfield and our minds are at ease knowing our child is at a great place.

– Terrance B.–

“I think what really sets Summerfield apart from other schools is the staff.”

Summerfield Academy has been an incredible blessing in our lives from day one. When we arrived to tour the school, the teacher for my son’s age group invited him to join the class in drawing pictures. He warmed up to her immediately & was excited to sit down with his new peers. We felt instantly comfortable. We couldn’t help but smile at how quickly he engaged!

The facility was so warm & inviting then, & now with the new expansion, it’s just beautiful. I love the open concept. The children have such fun on the expansive playground with their friends. I think what really sets Summerfield apart from other schools is the staff. My son’s teachers are so creative & attentive & energetic. They are happy to talk with me about any concerns I may have. As the saying goes- “It takes a village to raise a child.” The teachers, directors & I – we are that village. I couldn’t be happier.

– Eleanor Y.–

“I love Summerfield’s small class sizes and small school feel compared to other childcare facilities .”

My son has attended Summerfield for over a year now and we could not be happier! We have watched him grow not only academically but socially as well. I love Summerfield’s small class sizes and small school feel compared to other childcare facilities . The staff is very warm and welcoming and really goes above an beyond to meet the needs of the children and parents! I would recommend Summerfield to anyone!

– Kristy M.–

“The results in the education of my children has been outstanding.”

I cannot thank the teachers and staff at Summerfield Academy enough for all that they have done for my three children. I originally had my children in more of a day care setting after I returned to work. While that was good while they were very small infants, it soon became clear that at about 2 years old they craved for something more. I asked everyone I knew for recommendations and the resounding referral was for Summerfield Academy. I decided to go check it out for myself and could not have been more impressed. It was the only school I found that was run by a true educational professional and not just an administrator. It also had a curriculum based on literature, while most of the others I visited didn’t even have much of a plan. We now have 3 children all who have attended Summerfield and the results have been amazing. Summerfield has given my children a passion for learning, exploring and understanding the world around them. The results in the education of my children has been outstanding. Summerfield did such a great job a prepping my children for school that when my oldest began kindergarten last year he was able to achieve a score of a perfect 100 on the state math test!

While I am so incredibly grateful for the academic program at Summerfield, I am even more grateful for the compassion and care the staff has shown to my children. Their care and concern for the welfare of my children is incredible. I have learned so much from them these past four years and my husband and I have incorporated many of their approaches into our family life. Our relationship with Summerfield has made us better parents and my kids better people. I would recommend Summerfield Academy to any parent.

– Melanie Woods – proud mom of Charlie, Genny and Lily Woods

“At Summerfield the students feel safe and nurtured.”

“Having been both a student and a teacher at Summerfield Academy I have experienced the best of both worlds. Looking back as a student at Summerfield, I was able to interact with a variety of age appropriate learning environments that supported me emotionally, intellectually, socially, and physically. Each morning I was so excited to go to Summerfield and couldn’t wait for my mom to get there in the afternoons, so I could show her all the neat stuff we did. I will never forget reading The Missing Tarts, by B. G. Hennessy, in Mrs. Clark’s class in which the Queen of Hearts searches for her missing tarts. I remember the learning environment that was created around this book. We reenacted the story through dramatic play, explored and played in learning centers, and of course my favorite, cooking cherry tarts!

Being both a student and a teacher at Summerfield, I see the tremendous benefits of the program. Having students participate in the literature based curriculum allows them to be immersed in the literature and learn by becoming a part of the story through opportunities to explore and discover. At Summerfield the students feel safe and nurtured. Providing this sense of security to the students allows them to develop confidence that gives them the initiative to explore and discover through the opportunities provided to learn.”

Summerfield provides its students with the foundation for success throughout their journey in education and allows them to have so much fun in the process.”

– Devon Dommel

“My students are always eager to hear what we will be learning about next!”

“I have used Story Play in my preschool classroom for twelve years and it is by far the most developmentally appropriate curriculum I have seen. From a teacher and parent point of view Story Play builds the foundation for young children that supports their educational journey. The thematic units provide a creative atmosphere that is conducive to learning. The lesson plans are easy to follow and full of hands on activities. My students are always eager to hear what we will be learning about next! Story Play keeps the element of fun in learning!”

– Christine Cook, Kindergarten Teacher and Parent

“… driving them to want to learn more, creating a strong educational future.”

“Using literature to introduce concepts is a wonderful, inviting way to turn children on to learning. By reading age-appropriate stories, children are exposed to different literary concepts such as story elements and connecting to character’s feelings. It is my belief that children who are immersed in a literature rich environment at an early age develop a love of books, and ultimately a love for learning. When learning is made fun, as it is in Mrs Harlow’s Story Play curriculum, children are engaged in meaningful activities which tap into their imagination and curiosity, driving them to want to learn more, thus creating a strong foundation for their educational future.

– Tiffany Geminden, Primary teacher and Summerfield Academy parent

“My son comes home excited to tell us about what he has learned.”

“As the parent of an inquisitive 3 year old boy, I try to do everything I can to encourage his natural curiosity. The Story Play curriculum at Summerfield Academy supports a child’s innate curiosity through art, play, and exploration. It is truly the most developmentally appropriate program I have found. My son comes home excited to tell us about what he has learned. He talks about his daily activities with genuine excitement and looks forward to the next day’s adventures; whether it is cooking in class or letting ladybugs go, he loves it!

One of the most unique features to Summerfield’s curriculum is the author/illustrator books the children create for each new theme. I have saved every one of them. The opportunity to witness his imagination and ability grow is extraordinary! Recently while learning about fears by reading Franklin in the Dark, my son was drawing his picture for his book. He looked at his teacher and asked “Ms Clark, what color is the dark? How do I draw it?” He had already drawn Franklin and wanted to draw something as abstract as “the dark” and with his teacher’s help, he did. I love the fact that he is already transferring the concepts from his books into his drawings. We get compliments all the time about what an active imagination he has and I give Summerfield the credit for letting his imagination flourish.”

– Joy Kelley, parent

“I am so glad that Joyce wrote and published “Story Play. The agenda and themes are there in a clear and concise presentation of the learning experience.”

“The era of Summerfield Academy began in 1985. I, being an experienced preschool teacher having recently moved to this area seeking employment, responded to an advertisement and soon found myself being interviewed by the founder of Summerfield Academy, Joyce Harlow. I was soon to learn that this was not to be a typical preschool agenda. This was to be a learning experience for teachers and students alike. The learning experience, of course involved the integration of literature with dramatic play, reading, writing, art, cooking, math, science, music and cooperative group experiences. The significance, if not sheer genius, aspect of this concept would not be immediately realized. Literature is continually evolving with new ideas and concepts. New versions of the old stories are being written and incorporated into the Summerfield curriculum. By attaching this concept to the Summerfield agenda and encouraging students to relate their own versions to the various themes, Ms. Harlow has assured that Summerfield will remain modern for future generations to come. Clearly, it was the intent that the learning experience be fun. It has been fun for students and teachers alike. Has it worked? I am now being visited by former students that are now enrolling their own children into Summerfield. The obvious conclusion is that it has worked and will continue to work for so long as commitment to excellence and the literary writing learning experience is maintained.

I am so glad that Joyce wrote and published “Story Play”. The agenda and themes are there for parents and all persons of interest to see in a clear and concise presentation of the learning experience. I know that I have evolved as a better person from my experience at Summerfield and, as I grow ever older in years, Summerfield has kept me young in mind and spirit.”

– Barbara Clark, Preschool Teacher